About US


We are a team of analysts who are dedicated to providing an objective overview on the currency (and rates) markets, based on both the fundamental drivers as well as the technical dynamics on a daily basis. 

We primarily look to provide ‘colour’ on the G10 majors at the start of the London (European) session, covering all the key events from Asia as well as late NY. 

Setting the opening mood of the day is valuable reference point for traders and investors alike and with combined experience of over 30 years, predominantly in FX but incorporating volatility and the underlying commodities, our observations and analysis (thereon) offer a credible outlook on the price action ahead. 

We offer concise briefings which cater for time sensitivity, but also offer a more detailed analysis on specific currency pairings as well as their underlying determinants. Our reasoning focuses on establishing fair value levels, and in doing so, marrying up technical analysis with the multitude of data and events which prompt deviations – to varying degrees – from these levels. 

We continually seek to distinguish the significant influences on the market away from ‘the noise’, which in the current climate of ‘media overload’ can be time consuming. 

Our views – like any other – are there for debate within the investment community, but we will endeavour to highlight the risks on all time frames to give participants as wide a perspective as possible.