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Forex Analysis - EURUSD 18/7/18

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

 Amid a bullish USD environment, the EUR rate is attempting to settle into a range, recently set by persistent stalling into the 1.1500 congestion area.  

Yield and interest rate differentials are clearly behind further downside here, but with the rates market pricing in another 37-38bps of hikes from the Fed in 2018, it is no surprise to see some hesitation down at these levels after a 10 cent drop through Q2.  

ECB Preview 26/7/18

Forex Analysis EUR/USD

Today's ECB meeting has garnered relatively limited interest in light of the clear signalling given in the Jun meeting.  QE has been tapered after Sep into year end and the forward guidance on rate normalisation puts a late(r) 2019 move on the table and not before.   

Oil - Which nations win if the price keeps rising

 Market focus when Oil prices go on the tear - or reverse sharply - tends to veer towards the producers and their respective currencies, and in the majors, the Canadian Dollar suffered incredibly during the fallout out seen in early 2016.  

A Good Day For GBP

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis

The title may sound odd, but in light of the potential mess that the UK government finds itself in, we would argue that Monday was a relatively good day for the Pound given what today's series of events would have done in the past.  Fresh from opening up 30 ticks from Friday's close, Cable above 1.3300 tried to push for some better levels before London markets decided it was time call for some restraint.  Fast forward to the afternoon and the resignation of Boris Johnson set the cat amongst the pigeons and GBP fell to lows just shy of 1.3200 against the USD, and tested .8900 vs the EUR.  

Could we see a Canadian rate hike?

USD/CAD technical analysis

There and have been many weights hanging around the Canadian Dollar's neck lately, with recent oil price gains having finally helped the currency back towards the 1.3100 level against the USD.  Domestic disruptions in pipeline have limited some of the benefits of the strong gains as the WTI spread with WCS (West Canadian Select) has remained around the $25-30 area, though absolute levels have risen to offer some benefit.  

USD - How far is too far? 2/7/18

DXY technical analysis

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Forex Analysis

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

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