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About the Terminal

Real Time Analysis/News

We monitor the markets and point out any events or moves in price. We provide previews to major economical events and central bank meetings. We also use our contacts and experience to help you work out why moves may be taking place.

Real Time Technical Analysis

 We monitor the markets and point out any major technical levels that the price may be approaching, we also comment on key value levels and what other traders maybe focusing on in the markets

Filter Out The Noise

 We keep an eye on what really matters in these markets by only focusing on market moving events not insignificant data points and stories. We also have various market contacts from some of the biggest banks and institutions in the world that we speak to on a daily basis that provide us with their views and opinion 

Live News & Reaction Feed

 We have analyst's working live to explain market moves there and then. Sometimes in the FX markets things may not move how you think or markets may over react - we are there on hand to help. 

Live Chart Terminal

 We have a set out chart layout so you can keep an eye on the major FX pairs and also a more detailed chart set up for technical analysis. 

Live Video Analysis

10 minutes before every major economic even we will come online and explain the key levels and what to look out for. 

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