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Real time news can cost a considerable amount if you have a financial terminal!

FX Daily have created a teamspeak channel that now has a squawk included and real time news and live analyst chat.

If you cannot afford a Bloomberg or Reuters terminal this maybe the best solution for you. There is always an analyst on hand to answer questions about foreign exchange and all the economic data points and central bank decisions come in live and in real time!

We use teamspeak because it's the quickest way to relay the information from our dedicated server and its free to download (https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads). Our cost for this service is only £50 per month and for that you get:

  • 3 daily forex reports
  • Access to the analyst chat
  • Real time audio news
  • Central bank previews and adhoc reports

Subscribe below or email enquiries@fxdaily.co.uk for more information

(Teamspeak server address: 

Teamspeak Logo

Teamspeak Logo

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